Sales Tax

Sales and Use Taxes

Managing Sales and Use taxes can be very complex and difficult in today’s fast-paced changing environment. State and local laws and regulations can vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and are subject to misinterpretation by the company and state tax auditor – even as compliance, audits and administration are asked to do more with fewer resources. Sales and Use tax reporting are areas that must be carefully complied with.We help to prepare Sales and Use taxes and represent clients before various Sales and Use tax departments. Many of our clients are responsible for collecting and submitting sales taxes in many different locales. We can provide your company assistance with compliance, audit management, research and overpayment reviews.

Sales Tax Services

  • Tracking rates of State Sales Tax
  • Utilizing updated Sales Tax Forms
  • Payment Check Printing
  • Timely & efficient filing to each Sales Tax jurisdiction
  • Summary Reports
  • Resolve filing issues with the States
  • Consulting for Sales Tax research
  • Compilation of Information and Preparation