Business Consulting & Planning

Business Consulting & Planning

We have the expertise of a large firm while remaining small enough to know our clients personally. Our commitment is to increasing the financial worth of clients like you, by paying personal attention to your needs and treating your business as if it’s our own.
We’ll provide you with solid, understandable advice – from helping you set up a line of credit to helping you grow your business.

Business Planning

Having a Business Plan articulates your company’s mission by defining the business your are in and the market you serve. It expresses your long-term goals, how your company plans to achieve those goals, what results you have achieved to date and spells out your future financial projections.

The Business Plan may be used to set up a credit facility with a financial institution or raise venture capital. It enables prospective investors and lenders to assess the credibility of your company’s management and its business. Having a good plan in place encourages people want to invest in your business.

Much of the information being sought by prospective investors is financial in nature and includes both historical and projected statements of income and cash flow. We can help you assemble a sound, credible business plan to get investors on board.