filling the tax return

We help to prepare online payroll and direct deposit withholding taxes with government. As a business grows, more employees are hired which can result in increased payroll administration. No matter what your business or how many employees you may have, we can provide a complete selection of services tailored to match your unique business requirements to help you keep focus on your business.

We also help you develop a payroll system and prepare all necessary payroll withholding tax returns in a timely manner.

We Provide

  • Timely, accurate and confidential services you can rely on
  • Flexible solutions capable of satisfying the demands of an employer, whether employees number from 1 to 100
  • Personal attention that only a professional service can provide
  • A list of services to choose from that will take care of your payroll, payroll tax, management information and human resource information needs
  • A variety of user-friendly, accurate, comprehensive payroll reports. We also include union reports, certified payroll, workers’ compensation reports and much more
  • Ensure FICA and withholding taxes are deposited with the appropriate tax authorities

With our services you can maintain cost effectiveness through reduced overhead by removing the need to hire specialized employees at your end; and make efficient use of your time as the burden of customizing, researching updates or new laws and maintaining a payroll system is lifted from your shoulders.

Financial Tools

Here are some useful and FREE Open Source Tools to help you maintain your records. Open Office works like MS Office and can also open MS Office files. Use PDF Creator if you need to publish a document that will open with Adobe Reader.


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CANADA : 647.638.3904

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