Taxes for Americans in Canada

If you are a U.S. Citizen or hold a Green Card and are living abroad, you are required to file a yearly U.S. tax return regardless of where in the world you live or how long you’ve been living outside the U.S.

You are also required to comply with the tax filing requirements of your country of residence and report your world wide income from all sources.

Failure to file a return will incure substantial penalties and a failure to file a return and pay the taxes due may result in the denial of a passport renewal application.

Canada - U.S. Tax Treaty

There are significant opportunities to reduce or eliminate your U.S. tax liabilities by applying tax credits for taxes paid in Canada, or by applying other provisions of the Canadian and U.S. tax systems and treaties.

Financial Tools

Here are some useful and FREE Open Source Tools to help you maintain your records. Open Office works like MS Office and can also open MS Office files. Use PDF Creator if you need to publish a document that will open with Adobe Reader.


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